RJ Reynolds keeps developing new Camel varieties as part of innovative marketing strategy

Published on September 28th, 2009 15:18

Users may crush that diminutive blue capsule located in the filter of the cigarette to get a boost of menthol taste. The latest innovation of Camel-maker was initially introduced to test-markets at Virginia store-chains.

camel capsule

Camel Crush with its small menthol capsule is the major element in the Reynolds American innovative strategy of capturing new customers. The company’s experts also developed provocative packages for the latest Camel brand family extension in black and blue colors. The capsule is mounted in the filter of ordinary Camel.

According to Brian Stebbins, Reynolds’ senior director or Camel Innovations, the new Camels provide smokers with the opportunity to select among two different flavors of one single cigarette: the smokers can either squeeze the capsule gradually enjoying menthol flavor throughout the smoke or they can crush it instantly and have a blast of menthol flavor.

RJ Reynolds considers innovations and expansions of flagship brands as a wise and distinctive strategy of capturing adult customers and boosting market shares. Nevertheless, Camel Crush, along with the success and furor it gained, has become an object of criticism of anti-tobacco advocating groups, which state that such innovations like Camel Crush are aimed at luring teenagers into smoking.

“Tobacco industry keeps innovating and expanding tobacco products to entice new consumers, with a major part of them being adolescents,” said Norman Peters, director of Virginia office of the Tobacco-Free Kids Campaign. Stebbins refused to comment on the amount RJ Reynolds has spent to create Camel Crush, but mentioned that it took several years to develop the latest Camel extension.

“We had to create an appropriate material to fit our needs when it came up to the capsule,” the senior director said. “The company also had to develop special machines used for placing the capsules inside the filters without breaking them.” The diminutive capsule has been enormously important for RJ Reynolds as the company applies every possible effort to convince smokers to switch to their brands at the time of dramatically and constantly decreasing cigarette market.

There is no cigarette-maker who can be compared to Reynolds in terms of inventing new tobacco products and technologies, as nobody has the desire to invent something since Altria Group, the owner of Philip Morris USA has such a stable leadership position in the tobacco market, gained more than two decades ago, that other manufacturers are far away from it.

Altria owns 51 percent of American tobacco market, with Reynolds in the second place, having 28 percent share. Altria’s flagship brand Marlboro has a 42% market share, while Camel is found at the third with 7,9 percent, but only 0,2% from the second place.

Reynolds executives claim they are willing to carry out expansions and innovations of the landmark brand, as the principal reason why Camel has approached to Lorillard’s Newport. During the last couple of years Reynolds launched 9 extensions of Camel brand family: Camel Nr 9, Camel Crush, Camel Exotic. In addition, Reynolds became the first tobacco company in the USA to introduce snus, also under Camel name, a smokeless tobacco product, considered to be the future of tobacco market.

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