The History of Cigarette Filters

Published on April 17th, 2012 00:00

The history of cigarette filters dates back to 1925 when Hungarian creator Boris Aivaz came to a Patent Agency in order to register his patent for the new development – a cigarette filter made of a fan folded paper and a special device that would manufacture these filters. Afterwards Aivaz started to look for new investors, who will help him produce such filters. Thus in 1927 after all necessary adjustments were made; cigarette filter was introduced in tobacco industry.

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It is not know what company was the first to produce cigarettes with filters, however it is well-known that first filter appeared in Europe. At those times cigarette filters didn’t find a lodgement in the tobacco industry, as there were no such equipments able to combine filter with cigarette. Only in 1935 English scientists created such a machine, which made filter production a profitable business.

In 30’s cigarette filters were improved, however few cigarette manufacturers used them in their products. Already in 1952 first filter containing asbestos was introduced in Kent cigarettes. In 6o’s cigarette with a filter became a usual thing. Machines of double and then triple filters production prompted tobacco experts to develop new materials in order to improve the retention capacity of the filters. So, very soon smokers were offered cigarettes containing filter with the activated carbon, which purified cigarette smoke and worked as an absorbent.

Shanghai cigarette company was the first one to launch a cigarette with a double charcoal filter. In 1988 South Korea introduced a new cigarette brand 88 with a triple filter. By the end of 80’s tobacco market was characterized by the following trends: charcoal filters were popular in Japan and Korea, smokers from Philippines and Thailand gave preference to menthol cigarettes, and European smoker lovers bought mostly smoking products with low level of tar and containing double filters.

In the 90’s the issue of decreasing the tar content in the cigarette smoke was under discussion in Asia, and besides that another incentive appeared. The discrepancy in customs taxes, excises in various countries and increased prices led to a great number of counterfeit smoking products. Cigarette filters have made a revolution in tobacco industry and undoubtedly will continue doing it for a long time. At present people buy cigarettes in big quantities using online cigarette stores, which offer cigarettes of the highest quality and at best prices.

By Joanna Johnson, Staff Writer. Copyright © 2012 All rights reserved.

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