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RJ Reynolds keeps developing new Camel varieties as part of innovative marketing strategy

The latest Camel extension, Camel Crush that contained a crushable menthol capsule gained both popularity and criticism
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Sweet-Tasting Cigarettes More Attractive

Sweet taste of cigarettes can increase the smoking especially among teenagers.
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Camel Crush – a story of success

Camel Crush was launched by RJ Reynolds just nearly two years ago. This innovative extension of legendary cigarette line tasted huge success.
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Innovative Menthol Camels to be Launched Soon

Reynolds American anticipate a further success from their revolutionary menthol capsules, initially introduced in Camel Crush, which will be launched in two Camel’s major styles in March.
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Camel Dissolvable Tobacco become under Criticism from Scientists

FDA to Examine Camel Dissolvable Tobacco amid Criticism from Scientists. Camel Orbs are packed with nicotine and can poison children and lure young people to start using tobacco.
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Reynolds Tobacco Company

Reynolds Tobacco Company, Cigarette Manufacturer of famous Camel, Doral, More, Salem, and Winston. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is the second-largest cigarette manufacturer in the United States.
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Tobacco Giants to Test New Tobacco Products

Tobacco Giants to Test New Marlboro and Camel Tobacco Products. Philip Morris USA and R.J. Reynolds introduce new smokeless tobacco products to test markets: Marlboro Sticks, Camel Sticks, Orbs and Strips.
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Reynolds Tobacco Campaign to Promote Camel Snus

Reynolds Tobacco Campaign Encourages Smokers to Switch to Camel Snus. Reynolds Tobacco Co. has launched a national campaign marketing Camel Snus as a potential New Year's resolution solution for smokers.
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New Camel Snus Advertisement launched

New Camel Snus Advertisement launched. Reynolds Launches the Advertisement of New Camel Snus in New York City. Two advertisements will be placed in several journals, except The New York Times.
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