The History of Cigarette Capsule Filter

Published on October 3rd, 2012 00:00

A lot of documents and reports published by the tobacco industry demonstrate that for many years the industry has been elaborating procedures to insert flavoring agents in the cigarette filter. In 1960s applications for a patent were filled for diverse cigarette filters containing a capsule. However, all these capsules were not intended to contain flavoring substances; more often they contained water that was used to moist filter material while smoking. This was done in order to reduce the number of hazardous substances contained in cigarette smoke and make the smoking process more delicate and easy.

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In 1967, was developed a capsule filed with Vitamin A. Already in 1968, a researcher who worked for R. J. Reynolds announced that it was possible to seal flavoring agents in a tube placed in the filter. The tube membranes were intended to be destroyed during the smoking process and thus releasing the flavoring substance in the tube.  One more reason why flavoring substances are added in the filters is to compensate the los in taste which happens when absorbing filter material is used. An example for such material is activated carbon. It holds additives and thus decreases the level of dangerous elements in tobacco smoke. Cigarettes with this filter are mostly popular in Japan and it is also contained in the popular brand.

In 2004, Philip Morris examined several cigarettes whose menthol capsules were placed between the activated carbon filter and the filter end, which the smoker draws on. The test demonstrated that this is very pleasant product. They demonstrated even greater interest in the product when they were found that this tobacco novelty was intended to reduce hazardous substances in the tobacco smoke. However, the first patent on the capsule technology that is implemented in present day’s cigarettes was filled by R. J. Reynolds in 2003. According to this new patent, a cigarette may contain more than one capsule in the filter. Additionally, this patent introduced by R. J. Reynolds shows once again that menthol is not the unique substance that a capsule may possess. It is evident that the capsule technology was mostly created to make tobacco products more appealing to smokers. So, it can be summed up that:

  • Capsules possess a cooling effect;
  • Capsules assure a more pleasant smoking experience;
  • The capsule is intended to change the cigarette smoke.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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