Top 10 Most Popular Cigarette Brands

Published on January 25th, 2010 12:09

Judging by the sale volumes, we have drawn a list of 10 brands that enjoyed the widest popularity among adult American smokers within the year of 2009. So, the following brands have made it up to our ratings:

  1. Marlboro

Marlboro is undoubtedly the top-selling tobacco product throughout the world. Moreover, this brand has cemented its leading position, and it’s highly unlikely that any other brand could overtake it as the number one in the nearest future. Marlboro is the favorite brand of many Hollywood celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Robert Pattinson and others. In online stores Marlboro is usually offered in three classic versions: Marlboro Red, Marlboro Gold and Marlboro Silver plus a new ultra slim variety – Marlboro Reserve

2 Winston


In 2009 Winston gained the second place in our ratings due to the introduction of several new varieties like Winston Superslims Blue. The wide assortment of various Winston cigarettes can suit the demands of even the most fastidious smokers, since the brand is characterized by superb quality, gorgeous taste and splendid price. And the latter features illustrate the success Winston cigs have been enjoying for more than 50 years. Winston is selling in seven varieties in internet shops.

3 Camel


Camel is considered to be a true legend in tobacco industry. Initially manufactured in 1912 it comprised more than a dozen of different sorts of Turkish and Virginia tobacco. And this unique tobacco blending is still in use and can be found in Camel Full Flavor. The magnificent slightly Oriental taste of Camel cigarettes has captured hearts and minds of countless smokers across the world, which most of all prefer three classic varieties: Camel Full Flavor, Camel Blue and Camel Silver.

4 Parliament

Parliament is regarded to be an aristocrat of tobacco industry. Exclusive luxury taste, premium quality and hefty price are peculiar characteristics of every Parliament cigarette. Though Parliament is the one of the most expensive cigarettes, many smokers prefer this brand, what is proven by the fourth place it has reached in our list, outstripping many brands that cost less.

5 Pall Mall

Pall Mall is the new-comer in our rating. This brand has superseded such popular brands like Lucky Strike and Monte Carlo, shortly after its manufacturer Reynolds American revived it to life and extensively promoted it. The assortment of Pall Mall cigarettes is rather wide and usually comprises 8 different variations.

6 Classic

The most surprising entrant of this year’s short-list, Classic has captivated many adult smokers across America mainly due to its inexpensive price and splendid quality. Although this brand is not selling in domestic stores in the US, the news about Classic brand has spread rapidly. So, smokers turned to online shops to get these cigarettes intended for those smokers who are willing to cut expenses on cigarettes but still get some high quality products.

7 Red & White

Red & White is a product of Philip Morris International, when the company felt the need to create a low cost cigarette that will offer a truly pleasant quality and a wide assortment of varieties differing in strength and size.

8 L&M

L&M cigarette brand is mainstream product of Philip Morris Co. This product is distinguished by magnificent quality that is an essential feature peculiar to all products manufactured by this company. L&M is usually offered in seven variations.

9 Hilton

These low-cost cigarettes are produced by British American Tobacco and are selling in two variants ranging by strength and amounts of nicotine and tar. Hilton Gold and Hilton Platinum surely justify their name as these cigarettes are truly a gold standard of quality at an affordable price.

10 Doina

This outstanding cigarette brand is a true masterpiece made by Moldavian tobacco company, TUTUN-CTC. Although this brand was initially unknown to US smokers, it is very popular in Eastern Europe since the quality of Doina cigarettes is worthy of great praise. So, smokers who are eager to try new brands valued these cigarettes highly, and many of them remained loyal to Doina brand.

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