Women Branded Cigarettes

Published on January 22nd, 2015 00:00
Women Branded Cigarettes

With limitations on cigarette advertisements and the forthcoming guidelines for plain packaging, the industry is looking for new means to get to the public and future customers. When Kate Moss walked down a Parisian stage with a cigarette, for Louis Vuitton on No Smoking Day, this was commonly perceived as a concept that smoking was again in trend.

In 2011 Imperial Tobacco became the third largest cigarette maker to release a "fashionable new cigarette brand". Advertised as the first superslim brand in the lower-priced cigarette sector, the standard package is imprinted with a trendy pink design, obviously created to attract female smokers.

It is very difficult to imagine that the larger tobacco industry was not engaged in this fashion assertion; each of the major companies introduced women-targeted cigarette brands practically at the same time frame. In 2011 British American Tobacco (BAT) released its Vogue Perle, defined as the UK's first demi-slim cigarette. Philip Morris presented Virginia Slims and Japan Tobacco International presented Glamour and Silk Cut cigarette brands a month earlier.

BAT guarded itself against promises it underestimated the health hazards linked to cigarette consumption towards the features of style, supermodels and staying slender. In response to the severe comments, the company stated it did not inspire any person to start smoking, and used the free choice argument. "Adult smokers have diverse preferences and likes and we try to meet them with the help of our portfolio of innovative cigarette brands," BAT head of corporate affairs Ian Robertson stated in an interview. "In case adult women who are conscious of the hazards related to smoking choose to indulge in their cigarette, then that is an own choice."

Women branded packages are linked to a larger number of favorable characteristics such as glamour, slimness and magnificence. In addition, those looking at ladies-oriented cigarette packages labeled with such words as "slim" and "vogue" is most likely to consider that smoking support people handle their appetite in contrast to those watching plain packaging. Weight control is a crucial issue of smoking among young ladies based on a Canadian research of 500 young women.

Cigarette companies have effectively used a number of methods over the past 50 years to recommend people that smoking makes you slender. British and American cigarette manufacturers intentionally added appetite-suppressing substances to their cigarettes in order to appeal to people concerned about their weight.

By Kevin Lawson, Staff Writer.
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