Raising the Smoking Alarm of Hookah

Published on November 25th, 2009 11:34
hookah smoking

Smoking hookah became so quickly in vogue. However many believe that it is a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes than hookah. The hookah cafes and bars are characterized as social scenes where many young people pick up the water pipe and smoke flavored tobacco. Travis Bogard, hookah smoker said: “It’s way different than tobacco. It’s like five percent tobacco and it’s not really like smoking a cigarette. I don’t like cigarettes or other tobacco products like that. It’s just pleasant.”

Almost all medical professionals say that misunderstandings such as these among young smokers are scaring. Doctors said that hookah is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes and that it carries the same dangers of lung cancer and other serious health problems.

Victoria Frensdorff, smoking cessation specialist, explained: “The fact is that there is no such thing as tobacco with any tar, with no nicotine, and no cancer-causing agents. They all have it and you’re consuming that by even trying hookah. Hookah and things like cigars that kids say ‘I don’t really inhale, I just let it sit in my mouth’ (is a) huge risk for oral cancer.”

Usually children say myths to their parents. Myths such as hookah are safe because the water filters the tobacco. But while it may feel less harsh on the smokers lungs, scientists said that the water does not eliminate any cancer-causing chemicals.

According to a recent research, smoking hookah for one hour exposes smoker to 100 to 200 times the amount of smoke inhaled by a single cigarette. Ms. Frensdorff added: “The increased danger of this is because of the amount of time. If you ask any kid that goes to a hookah bar are you there five minutes and then you leave? No. They are in there for at least half an hour to an hour or maybe even two or three.”

In general many hookah bars post the Surgeon General’s warnings in their menus so clients are aware of the risks. But there is also growing relation about sharing a mouthpiece and spreading diseases. Although it’s a habit that’s been around for years, hookah is now raised as one with a list of results.

Scientists concluded that the declaration that hookah does not contain nicotine is a myth. The truth is that the nicotine in hookah can make them addicted and even lead to other forms of tobacco use.

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