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About the products

  • Where are the products available at produced?

All the products selling on the web site are produced by various European tobacco-companies, in conformity with all relevant quality standards.

Placing an Order

  • How to order online?

All tobacco products offered at the site are listed in the left side of the page. Choose the brand you would like to purchase and click on it. You will be automatically redirected to the desired brand’s page.

Click the “Buy now” button and you will be moved to your shopping cart. Fill in the number of cartons you need would and click on “update cart” to get the total price. After that, push the “Confirm order” button. In case you are willing to buy several different brands, then click “Continue Shopping” and select other brands.

After confirming the intention to order, you are taken to the Account Access page. Register on the site using your e-mail, or log in if you are already a registered member. After that you are directed to Shipping and Billing page. Enter the required information and push the “Submit” button.

You are now taken to the Secure Checkout page. There you should enter the billing information from your payment card. Then click on “Purchase” button.

If you have filled all the information accurately, you will receive an Order Status Notification Letter, stating that the order went through and has been authorized; within 24 hours you will receive an Order Shipment Confirmation. Both letters will be sent to the e-mail you have specified in the order form.

  • Do you take phone or fax orders?

Unfortunately we do not have such options currently.

  • How can I pay for my order?

We accept the payment via Bitcoins or money transfers via express payment services.

  • How many cartons can I order at once?

The limit is established by your country’s legislation. Nevertheless, we ask our first-time customers to purchase a maximum amount of 10 cartons.

  • My order was declined, can you tell me why?

The order might be declined due to:

  1. You have entered the required information inaccurately or incompletely.
  2. Our processing company does not accept with your payment card type (we accept Visa cards only);
  3. Your card issuer has not allowed the transaction;
  4. Technical problem; etc

If you have encountered such problems, please notify our Customer Services Department, and our representatives will provide you with sufficient assistance.

  • How can I track the order or check its status?

Unfortunately we do not provide tracking information. We will let you know when the order is authorized and shipped by e-mail. In addition, for any inquires you are welcomed to contact our Customer Services Department.


  • When is my order expected to arrive after I have been notified about its shipment?

The usual shipping period is 10-25 days from the moment of shipping. In case the order either completely or partially has not arrived within this term, we ask you to contact our Customer Services Department indicating the order number and your name.

  • What countries do you ship to?

We deliver the products to every locality throughout the USA. We also deliver the cigarettes to several European Union countries(upon request).

  • Only a part of my order has arrived, when will I receive the rest?

We ship the entire orders on the same day in parcels, with 2-3 cartons in each. Sometimes it happens that the parcels are delayed during the transit, causing the delay in their delivery. So, if you have received only one part of the order, please expect the remaining part to come within 3-7 days.

  • Can you ship the cartons I have ordered in a single large box, so I might save on shipping expenses and receive the complete order on the same day?

Unfortunately, we may pack the orders by not more than 3 cartons, at is the maximum amount allowed by the Customs.


  • Can I sign in for auto-delivery option?

Unfortunately this option has been recently prohibited by Visa.

  • Will you enlarge the current variety of brands in the future?

Of course, we are trying to enlarge the assortment of brands selling at

  • How much should I pay for shipping?

The shipping cost is $ 14.88 per carton.

  • Will you return my money or re-ship the order, if the original order is lost or damage? guarantees crediting your account or sending a replacement order free of charge if the ordered products are lost or defected. In such cases, we kindly ask our customers to let us know what option is the most suitable for them. If you prefer getting your funds back, please give 7-14 business days for you account to be credited. Please, do NOT stop payment via your card issuers.

  • How can I contact your Customer Services Department?

For any question or issue, send your e-mails to Please, provide us with description of the problem, and the number of your order, so our Customer Services Department could render the best assistance.

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