Smokers who like menthol cigarettes have more difficulty to quit

Published on February 2nd, 2010 11:46

As a lot of studies showed, nicotine is addictive, but researchers have been discussed for some decades about the results of menthol in cigarettes. Some researchers suppose that menthol permits smokers to take intense drags or puffs on cigarettes, and greater amount of nicotine. “It aids the toxins go down smoother,” explained Jonathan Foulds, the director of the Tobacco Dependence Program at the University of Dentistry and Medicine of New Jersey’s School of Public Health.

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In a recent research, Mr. Foulds found that persons who liked to smoke menthol cigarettes seemed to have more difficulty quitting than those who smoked regular cigs.

In this study were investigated almost 1,700 people. They were asked to sign up because they wanted to quit smoking. Statistics showed that millions of Americans said that they’ve tried to quit smoking, and some groups appear to have a difficult time than others, such as low-income, less-educated African-Americans and Hispanics.

The recent legislation which raised the cigarettes, especially in the Northeastern United States, would of course be enough to make poor people to break the habit. For example in New Jersey, a pack of cigarettes costs $8, but in Manhattan, a pack costs $11.

For many smokers, especially poor, high cigarettes prices mean it’s time to quit or cut back. But Foulds reported that it’s not so easy to quit when the body is addicted to a certain level of nicotine. He added: “Your body tries to inhale more smoke per cigarette for to obtain the usual quantity of nicotine. With regular cigarettes, it becomes unpleasant because nicotine and the toxins in the smoke are harsh on your throat.” But menthol smokers don’t feel that harsh because the menthol taste. Those who smoke menthols said that it creates a fresh, soothing and pleasant feeling.

Menthol is cooling and makes it easier to inhale more smoke per cigarette and perhaps get more nicotine. Even a recent study found that African-Americans who smoke menthol cigarettes inhale a higher volume of carbon monoxide compared to those who like to smoke non-menthol cigarettes.

Mr. Foulds concluded that a smokers’ addiction is how soon they light up after they get up in the morning. He found that menthol smokers light up sooner than regular smokers, as soon as five minutes after they get out of bed.

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